In search for a band to compose music for & be featured in our next short film

In search for a band to compose music for & be featured in our next short film.

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In search for a band to compose music for & be featured in our next short film

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We’re in the beginnings of pre-production of our fifth short film to be shot this Winter, a poetic and musically-driven love story titled “Sometime Around January”, and we are looking for a band to compose a song similar to Airborne Toxic Affect’s “Sometime Around Midnight”. The band will also be featured in the short film and in the credits; the finished short film would basically be the band’s own music video. But on to the biography of the film:

“Sometime Around January” is an inspiration of the song above, and a true story for me. In 2012 I was in what I thought was a relationship and after it ended in early 2013, my mind went backwards trying to see or understand why, and what went wrong. My mind went back to January, and it was at that moment I realized “it” happened sometime around then. “It” would be what Kerry in my film discovers happened to her, but you won’t know “what” happened until you read the story and watch the final product!

“Sometime Around January” is a 15-minute short that deals with feelings and thoughts one gets after meeting an ex for the first time after a breakup. Kerry (the protagonist) is a young black woman in her late 20s that visits an event (TBD) for pure enjoyment, but is met by her ex, Lenny, who seems to be there with another woman. Kerry initially can’t be bothered by the fact that he is with another woman however; in fact, she doesn’t really see her in the beginning because Lenny is sitting in front of her, both enjoying the music the band is playing on stage.

Some people when they’ve seen their ex for the first time get vigilante, but not Kerry. She’s strangely calm, having accepted that he’s there. In fact, she’s secretly delighted. Could this mean a second chance for love for Kerry and Lenny? Will he ask her back?

Throughout the film, we hear Kerry’s voice recite poetry written by me, describing her feelings and thoughts as the night moves on, as her contact with Lenny comes and goes; her thoughts and reactions to this. We are basically her secret diary that she’s writing in. No one, not Lenny, not the mystery woman with Lenny, and not the unaware people surrounding her care one way or another about her presence or thoughts or whatever may be going on inside herself in those moments.

It isn’t until she starts stabbing Lenny that people really start to give a hoot.

Well that escalated quickly didn’t it?

If you are band or know of one that would like to compose music for and be apart of the making of this short film, shoot me an email and let’s start making magic:

And check out my portfolio of short films on

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Filmmaker Raeshelle Cooke Invites You Inside “Monae’s Room”

In this in depth interview with Film Syrup, I talk about “Monae’s room”. Get ALL the details of the film here.

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Short film “Monae’s Room” to release this Fall

monae 1

And another one!

RMC Pictures is releasing a fourth short film, a psychological thriller titled “Monae’s Room” starring Delea Mowatt and JD Achille. This short film was filmed at the Brooklyn Coffee Teahouse location in Providence Rhode Island, and focuses on a single room that stirs up frantic emotions within an otherwise level-headed young woman. I over exaggerate the breakup process in this 20-minute film. I also tell the truth. Monae acts crazy, but so do so many of us when someone has broken up with us, when someone has dashed our dreams of being happy, stable and in love. People will relate to this film, feel uncomfortable or just plain laugh. It’s a dark and gritty film but humorous, with hip-hop, distorted, Drake-influenced music leading the narrative. Sean McCall composed the music for the film and the music really tells the story. Delea recorded lyrics to the song, explicit lyrics, and the film sort of looks like a music video, as many of my films kind of do. It’s hard to tell what people will think of this¬†short film until it comes out in November, but one thing is certain: you will be engaged all the way through. Check back here once we get the exact date and venue of our film’s release. November, people!

And look at my Vimeo to see the teaser to the film:

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @RMCPict

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Music video “Save My Life” to release this month

Aaron Wilson, Anthony Dent-Deal and I at tehe very beginning of our music video journey, scouting locations to shoot! Video comes out soon.

Aaron Wilson, Anthony Dent-Deal and I at the very beginning of our music video journey, scouting locations to shoot! Video comes out soon.

RMC Pictures (Raeshelle Cooke) helped to direct Aaron Wilson’s latest music video, “Save My Life”. Aaron mixes gospel with r&b to create this powerful and encouraging tune. When he asked me to help direct the video I couldn’t say no. The videographer is Anthony Dent-Deal. We all ran around in the downpour, the pouring rain to shoot this. We were outside in the deep woods, walked many miles to find an abandoned shed out in the middle of nowhere, and walked back to our cars in the pitch black woods. It was a fun and exciting shoot. It was only my second music video but I am ready to make more. Save My Life releases this month, so look out for it on my vimeo page:¬† – Youtube page: Raeshelle Cooke, and Follow me on twitter @RMCPict!

– Raeshelle

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