New short film in pre-production…and other news.

I am excited for a few things…

1) my MLIS is just about done. I am ready to be done with this degree and be done with homework assignments. If anyone is looking to get their MLIS, I highly recommend the University of Kentucky’s online program. It is of high quality. That should matter to people. Not just the program being cheap. I love the education I received here. By the end of the month, my assignments for my final 2 classes will be done, and I am graduating on May 5. And I am not doing anymore schooling at least for the next 10 years, I am DONE for now!

2) Now that my 2-year Master degree program is coming to a close this month (I AM SO EXCITED), I am now ready to get back into filmmaking. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve produced a big film. Working on the Master’s took a lot of time and effort, and my creativity. But now it’s back! This next short film will be produced in my new home of course, the New Orleans metro area. The short film is one I wrote back in 2021. It is called du Supremacy. If you think you’ll know what the twist ending to this film will be, you probably don’t know it. “Woke” [2020] had the same twist ending technique and it took home multiple awards, with a few being Best Thriller, Best Short Film, and Best Director. I am ready to make another film that will do as well as “Woke” did. I believe du Supremacy will do as well if not better than “Woke”. I look forward to start working with the creatives in this area. 😀

3) Start work on a podcast!

With all the time I will be getting soon with the program ending and my new position…and not working at high stress, high pressure jobs or jobs that take all your time with an unreasonable schedule, I am definitely looking forward to getting back to creative projects on the side. I did not rest ’til I got a library position that fits the work life balance I require in life. Now that I have it, it’s time to be creative.

Quality of life >>>>>>>>

Stay tuned!

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