Here’s how to combat injustice in 2016

I haven’t written one of these in so long. My linkedin and website has been so dry. I’m NOT good at keeping things updated, my mind is always all over the place. Distractions. Oh well! This is soooo long, my mind literally burst out…but it’s so important. I’m gonna tell you how to fight inequality and influence an entire generation with your career.

I follow entrepreneurs and business owners, motivated speakers etc. on social media. Most of my friends are actually aspiring entrepreneurs, motivated speakers etc. Of course, one girl I’ve been friends with since high school lol. And a few filmmakers but anyway! I follow CEO, business owner, entrepreneur, motivated speaker (he doesnt like calling himself that but he motivates me so there it is), John Hope Bryant on Facebook and instagram. How’s that for an introduction of a man? I LOVE what he stands for. However, there is one thing that bothers me about him but I’m going to get to that in a minute.

I love following people like John. He’s all about this concept called “Silver Rights”. He often says, “Let’s not just get civil rights in the streets but silver rights in the suites; let’s respond from the neck up and not react from the neck-down.” I love his philosophy. I follow John Hope Bryant, Claud Anderson, Gary Kornegay; all business owners, entrepreneurs. I have learned a lot from watching and listening to them.

They all are about building wealth and owning businesses; they teach financial literacy; but each has different values that I appreciate. Gary is great because he has taught me me about taxes and how to sustain business which is great; Claud Anderson teaches the history of blacks and he’s all about black unity, which is great; John is all about togetherness. He is not about separatism, or segregation, he is not about hate, he is not about violence. He is about everyone coming together no matter the race, getting along, and working together to free poor people of their poverty. All different values, but all are great. John wants to solve poverty in America, and being a person that grew up in poverty myself, I love that about him. He is about building wealth, basically; owning businesses, owning property, having a healthy credit score, and helping the community to learn financial literacy so urban poor black people, and rural poor white people, can stop being poor – both in the mind and in the pockets.

He often comments on the racial tensions of the day, which is very important, we have to talk about it. But…he basically tells black people to stop protesting, and stop yelling in rallies and on the street, and to stop being angry and to stop with the black lives matter and everything. While I do agree that blacks need to fight injustice with their heads and their pockets by building wealth opposed to protesting, I don’t agree with his stance on black lives matter, which is a statement and not a gang of people despite what the news tells you. It’s a factual statement and shouldn’t be confused with anything else. People say that black lives matter because blacks are getting executed on the streets unarmed by cops and there are no consequences after it happens – that’s why people need to say the statement. I don’t agree with anyone that misunderstands the statement and criticizes the statement. John also brings up black on black crime, which is also wrong to do. When you do that, you’re essentially saying it’s okay that blacks are being executed unarmed for nothing, because of gang violence, or, maybe you don’t have a reason at all. John implies that blacks that believe that black lives matter (and black aren’t the only ones that say or believe it), have “drama” and are “angry”. But that’s also not true. You don’t have to be angry to say and believe a factual statement lol. Do black lives not matter in this country? of course they do. You dont have to be angry or dramatic to believe and say it. And if some are angry, well, when murders constantly happen without good reason or consequence, then yeah, there is going to be an initial feeling of anger. And fear. And confusion. And hurt. That’s natural. There’s going to be a lot of emotions, and it is understandable and shouldn’t be criticized or judged as “dumb”, or “bum behavior”, or “drama”. Because it is not drama. It is real life for some people, and we should be sensitive to that and respect that and understand that.


I however do not protest. When I was younger, like, couple years ago (lol), I used to see it on tv and think, yeah! Let’s do that! But I’m older now and much wiser and have specific goals for my future, and my specific goals will tackle these very issues that start protests to begin with. So for me, I believe there is a smarter way to combat poverty and injustice. I, like John, believe that protesting does not work anymore. John’s whole thing is, Silver Rights in the suites and not in the streets, meaning, building wealth, owning businesses, owning properties, and getting your life together and being self-sufficient and successful will combat injustice and poverty. John says, when you have a good credit score, and own, and are wealthy, you feel better about yourself and you respect yourself more, which in turns makes everyone else respect you. John also says, there is no police brutality in 700 score black communities. He says police don’t mess with people in those communities cause there will be consequences in those communities. That’s what John said. I’ll have to research that…

People have every right to be angry and fearful. I was very afraid in July. This is serious. But I believe it’s important to eventually not be angry anymore and to think, and strategize, and set goals and work to achieve them; combat it in a smart way; look to be successful. I also agree with John that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to feel prejudice feelings and bitterness about others that don’t look like us, even though it is done to us. I am pro black human rights. I love pro black human rights, business savvy people, regardless of the color of the person. I also know there are groups of angry black people that are prejudiced, and I agree with John that you won’t go anywhere being angry all the time and saying prejudiced things about others. No one wants to be around a loud, angry person that spews hate. On both sides. I remember I went to a lecture thinking it would be on the Moors, black kings and queens, but it turned out to be a bunch of angry people sitting in a circle complaining. I got out of there. John says we need civil rights, true, but these days we need Silver Rights MORE, in the suites, not so much in the streets. It is a problem that blacks are making themselves known as the angry race; the protesting race. They have every right to protest and be angry, absolutely. But it isn’t working, and he’s right. It is NOT working. I say, stop trying to make people value you by protesting. You can’t make others value and respect you. Value and respect yourself. There are some racist policemen and some racist people, yes, but there’s nothing we can do about it. There’s no use in trying to make them respect you. The focus should now be on building an empire of wealth. Start owning businesses and stop being angry. Start owning properties and get your credit scores right. That’s how you combat injustice.

This applies to many situations in life too. Your job, your career, your art. Another thing John says; to combat fear, just believe that everyone is your friend until they prove you wrong. There are more good people on the planet than bad, so if you assume everyone is good at first, you’re better off. John is an extrovert, I can tell lol. Me, I used to be really shy when I was younger but broke out of my shell around 22 when I started dating hahah. But anyways. Even though I can be shy, people have gravitated towards me wherever I’ve gone because I give off good energy. People actually tell me this. I try to believe everyone is good and my friend, until you give me a reason to not like you anymore. I let people in too easily and that’s why I’ve been hurt in the past. But if you’re a good person and you treat people well, you will be rewarded by the universe and by God and by karma, whatever you believe in, and if you treat people bad, well, the universe will react. You get back what you put out. This applies in all instances of life. John says that bullies eventually go broke. Just look at Donald Trump. If you’re ballin’ now but are a bully, I hope you have an emergency fund saved already.

That’s what a security guard at my old job told me also, about the universe? We talked about the universe all the time and how it works. I firmly believe this to be true. People sense and feel energy. We are water but we are also energy, spirits. If you bring bad energy with you then, it won’t end good.. I have a friend who has amazing energy. There has never been a time where I’ve been around him that I don’t feel his energy, that I dont feel happy. I always want to be around him because of his energy. Platonic though, lol. Strictly platonic. lol. It was the same way with the security guard from my old job. I loved his energy. I later learned, these two men have the same personality types: ENFJ. Lol, I just went science on y’all! But really, do give off confidence. Give off purpose. Give off hope. Give off greatness. If you believe you are great and worthy, others will feel it. It’s a mindset and it manifests itself into real life. If you’re insecure and self-conscious and low-key always thinking someone is out to get you, and this applies to anybody and any situation; then people will feel it and repel. Kinda random I guess but sometimes I’ll meet a person at an event and they seem so insecure and self-doubtful. I gotta tell ya, it’s really awkward lol. Purpose and ambition; confidence…is so sexy, for men and women. I love men that act like they have purpose and are confident. I can usually feel it and tell how he feels about himself, within minutes. Energy. I’m telling you!

Let’s educate ourselves on the history of ourselves, and let’s educate ourselves on financial literacy, cause that’s what’s missing in these communities. I’m certified in Financial Literacy & Giving from my university, and also graduated from an online wealth workshop over the summer. I freakin’ love this stuff. Let me tell you how important it is to be financially literate and to own. If some people don’t like your beliefs and the way you express yourself, you need to own so nobody will be able to tell you a damn thing. I am, absolutely, positively, un-apologetically pro-black human rights. Some people may not like that. Some people may not like how I express myself on these issues that are going on in the world today. I wont say what you wanna hear. I know there are some people that don’t and won’t like it! So, if someone doesn’t want to invest in me because I believe that black lives matter, for example, someone might think it’s wrong for me to say that and thus won’t invest in me. So guess what? I’m going to need to be in positions where I can and have invested in myself. I’m gonna need to own. I will not change my values or principles for no one and neither should you. I will not be quiet either. John seems to think we should not have a dialog about what’s going on. Well, if everyone can talk about gay rights and women rights all the time, then we should talk about black human rights too. You have to dare to be different and dare to be great. John has said that eagles fly alone and buzzards fly in packs. Eagles fly high and buzzards fly down low. Turkeys are even worse cause they dont fly at all. Some people roll in cliques and only talk about themselves. But there’s so much more to life that we should care about other than just me and my personal projects, or just you and yours. I won’t settle for being just a writer. I’m trying to do my part in impacting an entire generation after me.

Let me put this in terms that you can understand. I won’t settle for being just an artist. I’m trying to OWN the industry. That’s how you fight injustice.

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