Mt. Washington accepted into its first film festival!

I’m happy because my short film Mt. Washington [2016] will be screened at the Boston Film Gala 2016, this August 19-20. Exact time and day to be determined.

Mt. Washington is about a woman who is pressured to leave her room to join her friends at a party that’s happening outside her door. The up-hill battle: her ex is also going to be there.

I wrote the film to showcase how funny it is when we stress ourselves out over fears and thoughts in our heads, because at the end of day it is so unnecessary and plain ridiculous. The film is inspired by the song Mt. Washington by Local Natives. After we shot this film, I went on a mission to get permission to use the song in my film. I sent the band’s publicist the film asking to use the song, showing how perfect the film is for the song; she forwarded my email to the band’s manager. The band’s manager emailed me back and told me he really liked the film, and would forward my email to the band. Days later lead singer Taylor Rice emailed me and expressed how much he liked the film and how happy he was to let me use his song. I WAS ECSTATIC!!!

This is one of my best films as far as story and production values go; that and even editing. I really enjoy this film and many who have seen it have too. I cannot wait to finally screen this film in front of a crowd personally.

If you’re interested in seeing what happens in the film…come to the screening at the Boston Film Gala! I will be there.

Check out the teaser for Mt. Washington:


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