NEW projects coming soon!

After posting my newest film Mt. Washington [2016] online, people have reached out for help on their creative projects. New work is coming soon: 3 music videos and 1 short visual project (don’t know what to call it yet lol) & it’s all because I put myself out there; Instagram is key y’all. FB is alright, but I prefer Instagram. I’ll get into that later.

We have a music video coming out as soon as this week. That one is written & performed by french R&B artist Chaud Galyano & the song is called “Fatoumata”. We finished post-production on it last week and that video will be released this week.

Right now I’m working on a music video for actor Dominique LaFleur. The music video is for a conscious rap track titled “Sedentary Lifestyle”, and when she asked me to work on it I was excited. I love the song. The song is featured in Dominique’s first feature-length film, Concrete, which will be going into production in the next few months. The music video is not only for the song, but it serves a deeper purpose. Dominique needs to raise funds for her film and will be launching a fundraiser campaign in the next week. This music video will be featured in the campaign and later in the feature film. We only have 2 more shoot days but I cannot wait to get editing on this and release the video. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. & when Dominique’s campaign launches, I hope you will donate so she can make this movie happen! I will definitely donate. PS: I will be making a cameo in this video. I NEVER DO THIS Y’ALL.

Later in the month of July we are also producing Benito Henri’s music video to his new song,”Around you”, featuring Maya Carter. Shoot date is July 30th on the beach. Perfect location for a summertime track. The video will be fun. It’ll feel like a cook out but without the bbq. Stay tuned for that.

And we also get to work with actor Sharley Paul again. She starred in Mt. Washington [2016] and did a FANTASTIC job in the leading role. She is working on a poetic visual piece and I was excited when she asked me to help with it. Can’t wait to get started on that!

Last, I am still looking for a musician to create a song that sounds similar to Drake’s song “My Side” for my next short film, His Interlude. I cannot make the film without a song that sounds similar to Drake’s song. I have been searching for a year y’all. I NEED THIS SONG. The film is inspired by the song. If you know of a musician who can make a track like that song, and as emotional, vivid and dynamic, please let me know! I REALLY wanna make this film, but can’t without a similar song.

People, if you are a creative artist, POST YOUR WORK ONLINE. Not what you are doing, but what you have DONE. It’s cause I never stop posting what I do that people are reaching out. Dominique told me, if you don’t put yourself out there no one will know you exist. Don’t stop posting your work. If people don’t make their presence known initially, just know they are still watching you. Keep posting your finished works online, and keep working, don’t stop. & make the work GOOD. Make that stuff SOLID. It will pay off. Eventually, the right people will connect with you.

I do NOT believe anymore that you cannot get paid to direct in this area. You CAN. You just have to show them what you can do. Work hard, put out good content, & treat people well & things will eventually come to you.

OK gotta run. Hope you check back soon.

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