Drake’s “Views” album: My top 10 songs


I recently bought Drake’s newest album “Views” because I have loved every album/mixtape he’s come out with, and after listening to the album 3-4 times and being highly disappointed with his self-indulgence, same stories, same women, same complaints from 2009; uninspired beats and uninspired rapping, monotone, sadness throughout, etc., I picked the top 10 songs off the album that I actually liked. And there weren’t many. I only liked 3.5/20 really. But whatever. Here’s 7 more.

I have supported and loved Drake’s music since his Take Care  album. “Why is this relevant to what you do tho?” Well his songs are what has inspired many of my films (Monae’s Room, Last Words). So this IS relevant to what I do.
If you don’t like Drake or listen to this kind of music you should read this review anyway because I want you to.
At the very, very least…at least listen to the last 3 songs. They’re wonderful to me.

Ok so here’s my top 10, with #1 being the greatest:

10. “9”
It really isn’t all that good. I like the flow, like the way he says the first few lines…but then the flow gets old. I don’t like how he goes on and on about himself or whatever it is he’s talking about (are you talking about dying for rap, like….what are you saying? I don’t get it) without a break or anything different in the middle of the same flow. The song, I can’t identify with either. It’s boring and predictable. Side note: If you don’t like hip-hop you may not like this song.
9. Pop Style
I like this beat and the way Drake raps, his flow…the swag (y’all hate that word right?); it’s all very sassy and spunky and…it’s one of those songs you can bop your head to and do something with your shoulders. I like rapping the chorus too. I like leaning back in my Ford Focus while driving with Pop Style on loud. The old suburban people I drive past know not to mess with me. You can even create your own dance to the song’s beat if you’re ambitious. I don’t mind dances, I like them so it’s good. I used to do the Superman, if y’all remember that dance back in ’07? By Soulja Boy Tell’em? No? forget it. If you don’t like rap you will not like this song.
8. One Dance
I used to didn’t care for the song, but only because it was over-played on the radio. Also, I feel like Drake exploited the whole reggae thing. Like he really did. But whatever. I like the beat, his singing and the woman’s vocals on the song. It’s well produced and it makes me want to dance. So…it’s a good song. I would dance to this song if I had a dance partner.
7. Still Here
It’s alright. I understand why others wouldn’t like it though.
6. Child’s Play
I hate that stupid voiceover in the beginning of the song where some random guy says if a woman goes to a basketball game’s season-opener, that it means she had sex with a guy on the team. I hate these sexist dumb dudes. Like that doesn’t even make any sense. But the beat is fun and upbeat and the song is silly. I like it. But they need to chill with that slut-shaming bullshit.
5. Hotline Bling
I looove this song, the music, the lyrics, Drake’s voice, the way he sings it…everything. I was obsessed with this song before it became a radio hit, before it got overplayed and over-hyped. That’s why it’s only #5.
4. Faithful
First of all, Pimp C and DVSN did their thing on this track. This is the most that Drake has seduced me in a long time. Usually he whines and is annoying (I’ve only realized this lately tho, like, on this album), but on this song, very sexy song. I love the second half of the song when that other guy who is not Drake, who sings way better than Drake, comes in. He makes a grand entrance. The bass gets deeper and he starts off, “How far we go…”, like, trying to woo me and shhh, and when he hits that high note? I though I had twins. Many kids will be conceived to this song and we really shouldn’t even be mad about it.
3. Summer’s Over Interlude
I knew before I played the song that I would love it. I love every Interlude that has ever been on a Drake album. They’re always wonderful. Drake’s infamous interludes is actually the inspiration to a short film I wrote called “His Interlude”. Anyway, it’s funny, this song is not even sung by Drake. The guy that sings is named Majid Jordan, and sings it so beautifully. He sounds like Smokey Robinson from the Miracles. Tell me I’m crazy. Doesn’t he sound like Smokey? After I wrote this I looked it up and sure enough the vocal inspiration behind the song IS in fact from a GREAT Miracles song called “Ooh Baby Baby”. Y’all dont know nothin’ about that though. Majid’s voice and the music is amazing. I love the lyrics too. They’re deep and I relate to them. My favorite lyric is “Found me some fun that’s good for the pain.” Yup….I know, Majid. Listen to this song and turn it up while you’re either driving late at night or sitting in front of a burning fire in a chimney somewhere. Perfect mood. My only regret of this song is that it’s only 2 minutes. This song alone is better than the entire album.
2. Fire & Desire

This song….. is so amazing. It’s romantic, loving, and genuine. It’s emotional. The way he sings is soft….like you can hear Drake sincerely loves and cares about this woman. I love the way he delivered his lines and the way 40 composed the song; how it fits the atmosphere and topic and feeling, and how 40 added that echo filter over Drake’s voice (Drake’s voice is great on this song too btw). Little details like that that makes a song truly wonderful. I also relate to this song too. (not there anymore but) when you are really in love with a person this song is how you feel. I changed the lyrics but here are my favorite lines from the song:

“You just like my sidekick, wanna be your wife
Fulfill all your desires
Keep you in the front, never in the back
And never on the side, no

You a real ass man and I like you
I don’t wanna fight you

Look, you know I’m a rider, nothin’ left to hide
Your other woman tired
Talk about you like
You’ll never leave her side
But I don’t really buy it
Me I’m movin’ quiet, all the things we’re tryin’
Let’s just keep it private (don’t say anything)
Tell me should I cut these other guys right out of my life?
Cause we never decided
Tell me how you feel inside

You a real ass man and I like it
Dedicate to you
I need you inspired, I need you excited
I don’t wanna fight it”

I really have nothing else to say. The song is beautiful.

Listen Here: 

It would’ve been #1 but then there was…

1. U With Me?
My #1 favorite song off the album. I listen to it obsessively. It is totally relatable to me. This and Fire & Desire. I love the way the song is produced. I love the music. Love the deep bass. Love the background vocals. They are very faded but they make the song feel and sound so damn good. 40 (Drake’s music producer) is a genius. I relate so much to what Drake says also, and just how the music sounds and how it makes you feel. Emotional, moody, bittersweet, deep, love…damn Drake. My favorite part of the song is the second verse, and how it weaves into the chorus (I love the chorus). Kinda captures that feeling of when you are trying to be serious, but the person you’re texting is playing with your mind, playing games, so while you wait and look at the dots (incoming message), you’re wondering what kinda games they will be playing next after you just poured your heart out to them. They’re laughing and snickering and not taking you seriously after all, so the song really captures just being frustrated. My favorite lyrics:

“I wanna know how much time you spent on them paragraphs
Where you’re getting me
All that grey in our conversation history, you
Playin’ mind games, when you sayin’ things
Playin’ mind games, we both doin’ the same thing
Slide on a late night
You like to slide on a late night
You send the “are you here?” text without an invite
That’s that shit that I don’t like
We both slide on a late night
Do things in our off time
We both, yeah
Made some mistakes, pon road
Yeah, how’s that for real?
You toyin’ with it like Happy Meal
3 dots, you thinkin’ of a reaction still
While you’re typin’ make sure to tell me

What type of games are bein’ played?
How’s it goin’ down?
If it’s on ’til we gone then I gots to know now
Is you wit’ me or what?
What type of games are bein’ played?
How’s it goin’ down?
If it’s on ’til we gone then I gots to know now
Is you wit’ me or what?

Yeah…I know.

You have to listen from the start of the song to really um, feel the impact. Or maybe you don’t want to listen because you don’t like the song’s use of improper English. Maybe you don’t like hip-hop at all. I understand.

Listen anyway.

My only regret for this song is, at the end of his final verse (3rd verse) he goes into what was supposed to be a “rage”, but he wasn’t sincerely mad, so it didn’t do what it he set out to do. He should have done what Eminem used to do; he should have yelled that 3rd verse out truthfully and really felt his rage. I would’ve yelled that shit out. If he did that, I could feel his rage and the song woulda been even more powerful and it woulda had an even stronger effect on me.

But that’s my Top 10 off the album.
Other than that the album was pretty horrible.


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