Local Natives band manager likes our film!

Omg omg omg omg.

Our newest short film Mt. Washington [2016] was inspired by a Local Natives song of the same name. There’d be no film without the song. The song is how I was able to write the film. I love the song so much. It’s passionate, beautiful, dynamic, emotional, relatable…it’s perfect for the film. The visuals were written FOR THE MUSIC.

I’ve been trying to use this Local Natives song that inspired Mt. Washington because the song is just too perfect for the film and I really don’t want to have to use a different song. I emailed ALL the band’s PEOPLE. First I emailed their Manager. I got no response. Then I emailed their U.S. Publicist with the link to my film with their song playing over it, along with a lengthy passionate email of how I feel about their song and my film. She forwarded my email to the manager Phil Costello, and then is when he emailed ME! He said that he is no filmmaker, but he has consumed many films over his years and that he knows talent when he sees it. He said it was very nice work.


This is the best thing that has ever happened.

He said I may not be able to afford the licensing fees and that the publishing company handles these things, but that he would forward my email directly to the band. So I’m still waiting… but just the fact that he emailed me and said that to me is AMAZING.

I’ve never been so happy of not being able to afford something in my entire life. Oh my freaking God the Lord is good.

I may not be able to get the original song that inspired the film, but just knowing the band’s manager liked the film a lot makes me very happy. Even if the band responded and told me they really liked how I interpreted their song would be a dream come true. It’s like….art is never made in vain. It’s always great to have that kind of appreciation and encouragement especially when it’s coming directly from the source that inspired you in the first place. This was too, too awesome of an experience. I really hope I hear from the band soon. I know I can’t use their song and I have a composer working on a song at this very moment, but GOSH. Just hearing that one piece of the source that inspired the film liked it a lot, has made my entire week at this point.

I feel God’s hands on this one, friends. Even if not for this film, something wonderful is going to happen, someday. Something, SOMEDAY. This path is the right one. This is just proof that by following my heart and doing films the way that I feel passionate about, naturally…it will lead to great things. The universe is telling me, keep doing what you are passionate about. You’re going in the right direction. Beautiful things will happen. Just keep being YOU. You’re going in the right direction!




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