2015 in review: films, travel & some disappointments

Just very briefly…2015 was a year of ups and downs. I’m just gonna get right into it. No introductions.

January: My short film Monae’s Room won two awards, Best Genre Blend and Best Newcomer at two film festivals.

February: Myself and a crew and actors came together and shot the short film Sometime Around January [2015], my most favorite short film we’ve done so far.

March: The last scenes of Sometime Around January [2015] was shot and I started editing the film.  I also ended a very toxic chapter in my life and never looked back.

April: Speaking of that toxic chapter, I wrote a film about it called Last Words [2015]. That film was chosen as a finalist in Campus Movie Festival that same month. It was in the top 16 films, out of 44. The film also went on to screen at local Horror film festivals in Boston, and most notably at the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival.

May: I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree from university. This was huge accomplishment for me, considering I started out as a home-schooled kid from North Carolina, and hadn’t stepped foot in the public school system ’til the age of 14-years-old. People thought I was going to be stupid. Well look at me now.

June: I told myself I was going to start traveling and I did. During this month I went with friends to New Hampshire. We climbed Canon Mountain. Well, we took a ride up and saw it from above, cause as soon as we started walking up I realized how steep it was and took my ass back to the parking lot.

July: It might’ve been this month or the next month that I drove with my friend to Maine. It was another beautiful ride and trip. I’m not going to wait to do the things I want to do. I say I wanna travel, I’m gonna travel. No if ands or buts about it.

August through November: It was this month that Sometime Around January [2015] started its run at the film festivals. The film, since summertime, has screened at Home Grown Shorts, Shoe City Screens, Art City Cambridge film fest, Shawna Shea Film Fest etc. It was also this time (November) that the film was nominated for Best Short Film at the Shawna Shea Film Fest. This was a good time for film.

So here we are in December.

The year of course couldn’t have ended without some disappointments.  The down for me recently was being rejected at a film festival that I thought would appreciate and like my January film. They didn’t accept it though. I feel like they took other films but didn’t take mine, and it didn’t make sense to me because I know my January film is up there with some of the films they took. 100% up there. I get rejected to film festivals all the time. I don’t feel the need to be upset with every rejection cause it happens. But I looked at the other films this festival accepted and so I knew, okay then my film definitely measures up. It didn’t make sense.

But then I had to just tell myself so what? They’re not a niche for me or my style. Not a problem. Cool with that. I need to remember that but I never do. I feel every time someone rejected me, I was always re-directed to something bigger, better. I feel God has something better waiting for me. I feel it truly in my heart. I know great things are coming.

And that’s how I’m closing out the year of 2015.

Ok signing off. Check out the Sometime Around January teaser trailer: 

And….thanks for reading and following this blog and I will see ya next year.



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