Ask an Aquarius

I came upon this article that shows relationship deal-breakers based on your Zodiak sign. You can read it here:

As an Aquarius I have a few things I wanna say to each sign. Don’t take this personal; I’m just having fun.



We cool.


I wish you weren’t so stubborn and ordinary. Stubborn I can handle, but not ordinary. You’re manly and alpha and I love that. Work on the ordinary problem and I just might fall in love.


The article says you’re quick-witted and love deep conversations but my experience has been you love fighting and you have no boundaries. Please learn how to respect people.


You’re emotional and sensitive and view the world compassionately. You’re perfect for me please marry me.


I love Leos. My closest friend in the entire world is a Leo. My mother is a Leo. I’m attracted to Leo men as well. But my ex was a Leo and so right now I hate you.


The article says you’re the responsible one of all the signs. You like to be on time and have everything nice and organized.

We would NOT get along.


The article says you’re very charming and I agree. You have one of the most charming men in the world too. My rising sign is Libra so I totally approve.


Every Scorpio man I’ve ever known has asked me “why don’t you talk to me?” Because you’re annoying.


I don’t know if you want true love or casual relationships. We’re supposed to be compatible and all but there’s never been that “spark” between us. It’s only happened with one, and he didn’t wanna be caught. Obviously it really just isn’t working with us.


God no.


Never been physically attracted to one. See? I’m not biased.


Very easy to fall for. But now I know better.

I hope we’re all clear now.

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3 Responses to Ask an Aquarius

  1. El says:

    I’m also an aquarius with a libra rising and I do agree with this.


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