Watch “Monae’s Room” on Youtube:

“Monae’s Room” was the 3rd short film I ever directed. I’m on # 5 right now, set to shoot “Sometime Around January” in February. But I wanted to post the film that took me close to a year to edit it due to obstacles, and share the story which is very personal and close to my heart. No doubt there were some mistakes made being one of my first shorts, but I believe the content is substantial and meaningful, and I believe the style of the storytelling is unique, original and worthwhile to note and watch. No one has ever made a film like this before, in this style before. There are Musicals, and there are biopics with Music in them, but there hasn’t been a Monae’s Room; there hasn’t been a dramatic short film where music and rhythmic lyricism/narration tells a love story. And if you listen to rap artists like Drake and his “Marvin’s Room”, or the Weeknd, or J. Cole and songs like “Intro” off his 2014 Forest Hills Drive, and Power Trip, you will see that that trance, dark rap music is a huge inspiration to the film and the music that was created for it. I LOVE that sound and welcome it: slowed down, reverse, dark rap music where you can’t tell which genre it really is.

Monae’s Room is significant because the story is based on a true story; meaning the journal she writes is a real journal, I won’t say to whom it belongs :P, and the phone call conversation at the end is also based on a real conversation that was in the form of an email. The story is based on a real woman, real feelings and a real man and their story. I personally appreciate a true story about love and loss, and a story that has raw emotions. I appreciate music that’s like that too. Some people may look at the film as that little kid stuff but, they didn’t go through it and have no idea what it’s like to love, be rejected and lose something, and in such a confusing, unresolved and cruel way. This isn’t little kid, young puppy dog love stuff. This is real life and it freaking hurt. And I told it in a short film the best way I knew how at the time, and I’m only going to learn from my mistakes and get better at filmmaking.

It’s important to note that it took close to 9 months to edit the film because there were set-backs that were out of my control, and so now that it’s finally done and online I’m very happy and relieved, and I just had to blog about it!

So here it is! You can watch the 20-minute short here:

Hope you check it out.

And keep in mind: this style, and these stories….are only just the beginning. I’m just getting started.

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