“Monae’s Room”: after the 1st debut

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Last night my new short film “Monae’s Room” made its debut at the Brooklyn Coffee Teahouse in Providence, Rhode Island along with other really cool films. The show sold out!

I was happy to see some familiar faces and meet new friends. I was happy that there were laughs. People understood the humor in the film. I have a twisted sense of humor. The film (if you missed it) is about a single room that tortures an obsessed young woman; she can’t let go of an old love and she drives herself mad thinking about him, what went wrong and what could’ve been. But strangely, even though it’s a serious drama, I find it hilarious, and I’m glad people “got” the humor of the film. It’s also relatable and empowering. Many people came up to me after the film and said they related so much to it and that it was fun to watch. Some people even poured their hearts out to me about their broken relationships!

I’m confident that the film is in fact an entertaining film though. I can’t see how anyone could be bored watching it. I think actors Delea Mowatt and JD Achille do a good job engaging the audience, and the writing is intelligent and the story is deep and empowering, but told in a unique and creative way using that Kendrick Lamar/Drake, trance, hip hop-inspired music that I love so much. Call it weird, call it strange…hell, you can even say the colors are too much for you (got that too), but I guarantee that you won’t say you were bored with it.

Never that.

I just said a lot. Okay, you’ll have to come to the next screening to see what I mean. November 21st at the Somerville Theater, 2pm to 4pm apart of the Shawna Shea Film Festival.

Don’t miss it!

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